Transferring and Registering Domain Names

Chillidog Hosting  allows you to buy new domain names for websites or to transfer the management of domain names from another company to your Chillidog Hosting account. We can also act as a ‘registrar’ and help you oversee management of your domain names and we provide an easy system for you to login and view or update details of your domain name registrations at any time.

Chillidog Hosting provides free DNS Management.  ID Protection is available for $5 on all domain name registrations and transfers. We pride ourselves in providing a fast, safe and reliable place to manage domain names.

Pre-requirements of transferring a domain name

Most common types of domain names (like top-level .com names) can be transferred to Chillidog Hosting, although there may be some special domain names which cannot be transferred over or which may need to go through a different system. Also a domain name cannot be transferred if any of the following applies:

  • If the domain name is locked, inactive or in the process of being deleted
  • A new domain name that was registered or transferred less than 60 days ago
  • If a domain name is involved in a legal dispute or a bankruptcy case
  • In instances where the existing domain (whois) records fail to match the new ones provided

Note: It is normal for a domain name transfer to take anything up to 7 days to complete, longer if there are public or bank holidays. It is suggested you leave the transfer of a domain no later than 2 weeks, before the domain is set to expire.

The process of domain name transfer starts with you unlocking the domain and making it available for transfer with the existing registrar. There will often be a form on their website you need to complete, or a button to unlock the domain. If in doubt, then contact the existing registrar and request explicitly that they unlock the domain name and make it available for transfer. You may have to be quite pushy, as some registrar’s are reluctant to release domain names and purposefully try to make things difficult! Ensure that the status of the domain name is set to unlocked on the registrars website.

Check your administrative contact email address and other details for the domain name are currently correct. Otherwise you may not receive confirmation emails or your transfer may be declined if the old details don’t match the new details. If you don’t receive the confirmation, you won’t be able to complete the transfer!

It’s also recommended that you disable or lift PDR (Private Domain Registration). This is an optional service some registrars provide that masks personal information that would otherwise be visible in the public WHOIS registry. This information includes the administrative contact email address, as mentioned above.

When you unlock the domain name from the old registrar, you should see the option to get either an authorisation code or a transfer code - also known as an EPP. Make a note of this code, as it is required by Chillidog Hosting to transfer your domain.

Transferring a domain name to Chillidog Hosting

Once the domain name has been set to unlocked, you have removed private domain registration and been given your authorisation code or transfer code by the old registrar, you can now transfer the domain name to Chillidog Hosting.

Go to the Chillidog Hosting website and under the Login menu, select the Billing option. On your account information page, enter the domain name you want to transfer in the box shown below. Click the green Transfer button.

[Image Placeholder]

On the next screen, ensure that Domain Registration is selected from the categories menu and that the ‘I want to transfer my domain to Chillidog Hosting’ option is selected, as pictured below. After checking the other details, click the Add to Cart button.

[Image Placeholder]

For step 3, enter the EEP code in the box shown below. This is also known as the authorisation code or a transfer code. Enter is carefully in the box, taking care not to include any spaces or tabs with it. We recommend you tick the options for DNS Management and ID Protection; both of these services are provided free to you at no extra cost. Name server settings can be left as they are, unless you are registering a domain name to point towards another hosting company.

[Image Placeholder] Domains configuration

Click the Update Cart button when done. On the next screen, confirm your order. Then proceed to the checkout. From this point onwards, transfer of the domain name to Chillidog Hosting will begin.

Keep a close eye out for any emails from the old registrar or from Chillidog hosting; including emails that might have gone in your spam or junk mail folder. You might be required to click a link in one of these emails to confirm the transfer or to clarify any additional details. Make sure that the domain name remains unlocked, until the transfer has completed. Payment for the transfer will be taken through your normal PayPal or credit card details stored in your billing area.

Once a domain name transfer to Chillidog Hosting has taken place successfully, make sure any subscription payments or automatic billing to the old registrar have been fully cancelled. It may surprise you, but some companies have continued to charge Chillidog customers for domain names and other services, long after a domain name was transferred over to Chillidog!

Registering new domain names

New domain names or expired domain names (which have been released and become available on the open market again) can be purchased easily through the Chillidog Hosting website. To do so, go to the Chillidog Hosting website and under the Login menu, select the Billing option. On your account information page, enter the domain name you want to register in the box shown below. Click the blue Check Availability button, as pictured below.

[Image Placeholder] Check domain

If the domain name you want is available for sale, just follow the on-screen instructions. Click the red Order Now button, confirm the details and go through the checkout.

Take care when registering a new domain name, that it is spelt right. Corrections, changes or refunds for domain names cannot be made, once it has been purchased. Also take particular care not to register domain names that could infringe on registrations, patents, trademarks or other legal protections. If in doubt, seek proper advice first.

Keeping details up-to-date

ICANN is the organisation responsible for overseeing the registration of all domain names. They require that all domain name owners (registrants) provide correct whois data at all times, for every domain name; including the registrants full name, street address and contact details. Failure to provide correct information for domain name registrations will result in domain names being cancelled. With this in mind, you should always update the whois data for your registered domain names, should it ever change. You can do this quite easily by logging into your Chillidog Hosting billing area, selecting the domain name from your products and services pages, viewing the details, and making necessary changes.

Managing downtime

If you transfer a domain name to Chillidog Hosting from another domain registrar, there should not normally be any downtime experienced for websites or other services like email. For a standard domain name transfer, the name servers ( and remain exactly the same. So end users will be able to access your website at all times, during the changeover. Just make sure the name servers are correct, and then you don’t really have anything to worry about.

Transferring domain names away from Chillidog Hosting

Unlike some other companies, we won’t ever question or hinder your transfer of domain names away from Chillidog Hosting. Simply log into your billing area on the Chillidog Hosting website. Select the domain name your want to move away from, on your products and services page. Click the View Details button. Then in the domain name settings, set the domain to Unlocked, copy the EEP code (required for the transfer authentication) and turn off DNS Management and ID Protection. At this point, you are free to move the domain to another provider, if you choose to.

Please note that we are unable to provide refunds if you transfer a domain name away from Chillidog Hosting early, before the next renewal is due. It is recommended you start the transfer process at least 2 weeks before a domain name is due to expire.

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