Which plan is right for me?

After you get started creating your account, you’ll need to consider a few things regarding which of our plans are best for you. Two of the biggest things you’ll need to consider are your disk space and your bandwidth needs.

Your disk space is what you need to set up and store all the information on your website. For instance, if you are a professional photographer and have thousands of high-resolution photos you need a platform for, or if you are a podcast host and have many seasons of high-speed audio files you need to host, you will probably need a higher disk space.

Your bandwidth is what you need to deliver your content. This can be trickier because it can vary. It is largely dependent upon the number of visitors to a website, so if you start out with fewer visitors and end up getting many visitors, then your bandwidth might need to change.

Our shared hosting plan is the most popular and works for 98% of users and websites. This is a great plan for those looking to host a personal portfolio site, a blog, a small eCommerce store or the like.

Our VPS hosting plan stores your site on a ‘Virtual Private Host’ which is faster, has more space, and has more bandwidth than our Shared Hosting. This plan is best for those who need high performance, high- security, extensive site backups and rigorous, continuous monitoring. This would be perfect for large stores, commerce, or any site that has need for a lot of space. This plan includes free personalised setup.

Our Puppy VPS hosting is what Goldilocks might call “just right”. It has the security features and extra bandwidth and storage. It would be perfect for small stores, sites with sensitive information, and small streaming sites (like podcasts or vlogs).

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