How do I create a billing account?

Thank you for choosing Chillidog Hosting for your hosting needs. Registration is free, but you will need a billing account to continue so that you can manage your hosting and domain plans and so that we can bill you for active services once you get started. If you’re not sure which services or plan you might need, take a look at our plan offers. Creating a billing account is easy with our simple process. Soon after creating a billing account, you’ll be able to get started on our hosting platform. To begin creating an account simply,

  1. Navigate to and fill out the existing form.
  2. Double-check to make sure all information is accurate
  3. Click submit

Of course, as with any of our services, we want you to feel comfortable. If you have any questions that remained unanswered, please feel free to check out our knowledge base and to also contact us with any time-sensitive questions.

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