Is there a limit on the number of images I can add?

Yes, for performance reasons, there is a limit of 25 photos per album. Please also remember to
optimize your photos before adding them to Photo Album Pro!

Images should be in JPG or PNG format, saved at 72 dpi. Ideally images should not exceed 200kb each.

25 images per-slideshow is sufficient for most users. The danger with larger slideshows is that your webpage may take a very long time to load and may not display at all on some web browsers or devices lacking processing power or bandwidth for lots of images. So the 25 image cap is there for a good reason.

If you need to display more than 25 images, consider splitting your image set between two or more Photo Album Pro stacks. Each can then be hosted on it’s own webpage. This will undoubtedly provide a far more pleasant end user experience and avoid serious problems. You can easily create simple links or tabs between each of your Photo Album Pro pages.

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