Photo Album Pro Stack Installation

System requirements

Before commencing purchase and installation, please check very carefully to ensure your setup meets or exceeds these basic system requirements:

  • Stacks 2.5 or later is registered and installed on your computer
  • RapidWeaver 5.3 or later is registered and installed on your computer

Photo Album Pro will not function correctly on older versions of Stacks or RapidWeaver. Photo Album Pro is compatible with most RapidWeaver themes, but we are unable to test nor guarantee compatibility with all themes presently available. Some themes do things differently with lists and images, which may (on occasions) result in problems.

Installation of Photo Album Pro

After the download has completed, please double-click the .zip file to decompress the stack (if your computer has not uncompressed the .zip file automatically). At this point you should see an icon in the form of a blue and yellow lego brick icon. Double-click this to install the stack. RapidWeaver will open (if it is not already open) and tell you that the stack has been installed.

The Photo Album Pro iconThe Photo Album Pro icon

If for whatever reason installation has failed, try downloading and installing the Stacks plugin again. This will confirm that you have the latest version of Stacks installed on your computer and attempt to force your computer into regaining association with the .stack file extension. Should installation problems persist, please contact YourHead software for further technical support or read the details below for manually installing the stack.

Remember to restart RapidWeaver, so that the Photo Album Pro stack will become available to you for use in the stack element library.

Manually installing the Photo Album Pro stack

Follow these instructions if you are having problems installing new stacks, or if you need to get at the Photo Album Pro stack at any time to move or delete it.

RapidWeaver 5

  1. With RapidWeaver open on your screen, click RapidWeaver in the menu bar at the top
  2. In the menu, click on Manage themes and plugins option
  3. In the new Finder window that opens, scroll down towards the bottom and click on the Stacks folder
  4. Within this folder, drag and drop in the photo-album-pro.stack file. Or alternatively find the Photo Album Pro stack in this folder if you wish to delete it
  5. Close the Finder window. Quit and restart RapidWeaver for changes to take effect

The photo-album-pro.stack file should always be moved in its entirety. If you open it and randomly copy or move files from within, the chances are that the stack will break and wont work any more. So if manually installing or moving any stacks, take extra care not to damage them. There should only ever be one instance of the Photo Album Pro stack installed on your computer.

Photo Album Pro in the Stacks library Photo Album Pro in the Stacks library
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