After testing and evaluation, I am happy to announce that Javabean Hosting is now an official partner of CloudFlare! Users can now access CloudFlare directly within Javabean Hosting's Control Panel.

What is CloudFlare?
CloudFlare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which specializes in the delivery, optimization, and security of websites. By caching your websites on the CloudFlare network, you’re visitors will load a copy of your site from the CloudFlare server geographically closest to them. This should, assuming CloudFlare does their job, drastically increase your site’s response time. Here is a 90 second video that describes CloudFlare’s services.

Why CloudFlare?
We want to provide the very best for RapidWeaver. Part of the big push in web hosting is the "cloud" -- a distributed collection of servers that provide speed and reliability. This is why we've partnered with CloudFlare. We want to make sure your sites are always as fast as possible.

How much does it cost?
Although CloudFlare has premium options, the free plan is more than enough for almost all RapidWeaver users. I would highly recommend the free plan unless there are specific features you require in one of the premium plans.

I believe RapidWeavers will find CloudFlare a great service to help keep your site running and in optimum shape. For additional details, please check out my blog.

Your barista,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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